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Forest Warrior Beard Oil


Image of Forest Warrior Beard Oil

A fresh, woody and refreshing blend of cypress and the earthy, mossy oakmoss resulting in a full-bodied scent with spicy, resinous top notes and a rich, leathery undertones.

Inspired by the God Vidar (pronounced Veedar), God of the forest, we proudly present our new range ‘Forest Warrior’.

During Ragnarok, the Gods and the giants battled with most on both sides slain. Odin was devoured by Fenrir, a giant wolf. Vidar, a son of Odin, killed Fenrir to avenge his father’s death.

100% natural ingredients.
Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil. Essential Oils: Cypress, Oakmoss Absolute.

Beware: Contains traces of nuts.