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We've tried to keep things pretty straight forward. We don't go in for the 'hereinafter referred to as the customer' lingo. You're here to buy quality products (thank you!) to keep your beard looking awesome, not take out a mortgage so let's keep things simple.


We don't pass on or sell your personal details. Whatsoever. Don't worry about getting junk mail, a phone call at 8pm of an evening trying to sell you new windows, a text asking if you've been involved in an accident or an email from a Nigerian prince who needs your personal help to shift $50,000,000.

You can opt into receiving the occasional email from us (and we'd love you to do so!) but they'll only be about stuff we think you'd genuinely be interested in: Advance notice of new product launches or special discounts and the like.

We don't send out emails that often. Maybe once every week or two. This doesn't mean we don't love you but because we know you don't want your inbox bombarded with rubbish or links to cute cat videos on YouTube. Even if they may make you LOL. Who doesn't giggle at seeing a kitten fall into a cardboard box!


We use Paypal and Stripe, both of which are trusted by millions worldwide and VERY secure. We don't store or have access to your financial details - nor do Nigerian princes!